Sightseeing tour

Château du Champ de Bataille

A wonderful Baroque castle One of the biggest garden creations in Europe at the time

A private château, dating back to the 17th century, was bought empty a few years ago by the famous French interior designer, Jacques Garcia.

Passionate and dedicated, he restored it entirely and even redesigned the grounds from scratch following the original landscaping by Lenôtre. The result is impressive. Inside, you will enter the banquet halls: a succession of splendors with many masterpieces.

Upon special requests, Mr Garcia’s private apartments can also be discovered, allowing guests to discover its astonishing collections: the animal gallery, the valet’s room, the bathroom with a silver bath tub designed by Ledoux, the duchess’ room with woodwork and Louis XVIth period bed, the boudoir, the vestibule, the Oriental room with taffetas bed heads and Lyon silk bed covers, the private dining room with straw-filled birds, herb planks and vine-stock chandelier which serves as a perch for parrots, as well as the game room with its deer horns which scared Michael Jackson during his visit to Champ de Bataille, near Rouen.

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