Sightseeing tour

Pays d’Auge, Distillery, cheese, stud farm and lovely villages

Pays d’Auge opens its doors and reveals its charms as you visit. It is to geography more than to history that the Pays d’Auge owes its unity. The water, which gushes everywhere and flows in streams, has shaped a hilly terrain.

Distillery, cheese, stud farm and lovely villages

This landscape is covered with thick hedgerows encasing lush meadows. Around Lisieux, the capital of the Pays d’Auge, gravitate to several small towns with buildings strongly marked by their former commercial and industrial activities.

In the countryside, the habitat is scattered in a multitude of villages and hamlets. Their small roads often lead to the unexpected discovery of a church, a manor house, a farm, a source dedicated to a saint healer…

The blacksmiths were able to take advantage of the most accessible natural resources: wood and earth. The systematic use of these resources and their quality have made Auger wood architecture a Norman symbol. At the approach of the shore, between the steep cliffs, the meanders of the rivers spread in swamps.

1 guide in each 49 seat bus: En route, you will visit a stud farm, a distillery and go through tiny, typical villages.

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