Sightseeing tour

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

One of the most visited sites in the world, this abbey built from the 10th century onwards is located on a rocky island which has been separated from the continent for centuries.

Built at the time of the dukes of Normandy, it was conquered by the French king in 1204 and mostly rebuilt in the 13th century. These new additions were called “the marvel”. 

Used by the Benedictine monks who wrote famous manuscripts, it became an intense cultural and spiritual center, visited by different kings and bishops of the time. 

A visit to the abbey allows us to admire the skill of 13th century architects, as well as the outstanding view on the bay at low or high tide. 

Also conceived as a fortress to defend it against the English during the Hundred Years War, you’ll be able to walk on the ramparts on the way down to the village which is crowded all year long. 

An unforgettable experience in a unique site.


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