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D-DAY Tour in Normandy

Our standard private D-Day tours / Normandy tours may cover historic landing beaches and battlefields of Normandy such as Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Juno Beach and others.

A full-day private Normandy tour can include Normandy’s landing beaches, Arromanches, Pointe du Hoc, Longues-sur-Mer, Caen War Memorial and the American Cemetery (Itineraries suggested for the landing beaches).

A one day tour is just fine to discover the landing beaches and to give you a general picture of this great military operation. People coming to Normandy to visit the landing sites are usually amazed at learning that the distances to be covered are long.

The front assault, where D-Day operations took place, is more than 50 miles in width. Two days are necessary to cover the whole coast and stay a reasonable time on these sites, which are well worth the visit.

It combines sites on the American sector (most of them) or Canadian sector and others on the British sector.  

Suggestions of itinerary

  • Arromanches artificial harbor 
  • Gun battery at Longues 
  • Omaha Beach 
  • Pointe du Hoc 
  • American cemetery

Below are suggestions of itineraries only; the program is not set. We are very flexible and can suit your personal wishes to build a kind of “à la carte” itinerary. 

We can also include the Caen War Memorial instead. Depending on your interest and time, it is possible to combine sites or include a visit to museums, or to sites that are not related to World War II.

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